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So, what is this about ?

Freemesh is a network on it’s own. It grows with it’s user base and works as a network completely independent from the Internet. As it’s auto-healing, it doesn’t matter if one or two people switch their routers off. It works on the principle that you share a little and get a whole lot back. 

The software and configuration used for the network is completely open source. So you can inspect and check every little piece of the network, if you wish to do so. The choice is yours.

How does this work ?

You can buy a router and flash this yourself or donate a once off sum towards running the network and we’ll ship you one. Once you receive the router, you’ll configure it, set how much of your bandwidth you will share and done. The router can even give you a seperate encrypted wireless signal, that gives you unlimited access to your own connection. More information on Router can be found here.

How do I benefit from this ?

Basically, as the network grows, you’ll have free internet access anywhere somebody has placed a Freemesh router. Also, Freemesh router interconnect, so if your internet for example is down and there is another Freemesh router with working internet nearby, you’re still online. You can also roam between these routers without loosing your connection.

It’s a simple way of creating better coverage within your house. If you for example have areas in your house, that aren’t covered, you can add 1 or 2 routers without internet connection. They’ll extend the cloud inside your house and ensure that you have good signal everywhere.

This is IPv6 only. How do I get to sites / hosts that only use the old IPv4 protocol ?

We’ve got a NAT64 gateway in place, that translates between the newer IP protocol and the old one, so you can access the internet like everyone else. The only limitation is, that your device (laptop, tablet, mobile, etc.) has to support IPv6 to connect. Most modern devices do this already, as the standard was published nearly 20 years ago and has been in production use for over 15 years.

And for those, who still can’t get IPv6 from their Internet Provider, this is a way to get access to IPv6 with fixed public addresses.

How can i contribute ?

As Freemesh is a community driven network, anybody can contribute. Get in touch (contact details on the right) and take a chat with us.