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This is because just seeing, not having a iGenics big script and having your eyes mostly straight is a very low standard for vision development. It's the base level, yet there is so much more to learning than just seeing! Vision Therapy Can Develop Preschool Vision Skills Think about it: just because a child can see, does not mean they can catch a ball, stay on the same line when reading, remember spelling words or stop writing letters in reverse!

The great and exciting news is that we can train these skills. There's no magic pill, no magic glasses, but just a bit of hard work in the right areas can yield amazing results in your child, even if they seem to be keeping up with other children! That's right, if you do the right therapies, you can super charge your child's learning ability because you are giving them the skills they need to learn earlier than they would have otherwise developed them!

I have developed a specialized vision therapy program designed to teach your child these essential vision skills in a short period of time. This program is inexpensive, takes about 20 minutes a day and is completed over several months, and we are getting incredible feedback from parents telling us that their children are making amazing progress in their preschool vision development!