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He has trained in Australia and also in the USA Memory Hack (Boston, Chicago, LA) and Europe. He is the Founder of the Asian Society of Anti Aging Medicine (ASOAAM), and a Member of the American Academy of Anti Aging Medicine and the World Anti Aging Academy of Medicine.You can use a simple word test when testing for Alzheimer's disease. You will be surprised to learn the relationship between word recall and Alzheimer's disease. Get out your pen, paper and stop watch. See how you do. Early testing for Alzheimer's disease can have a huge impact. Catching it early has great benefits:

Alzheimer's take years to develop. People in the early stages can add to the decision making. They can understand the drug options. They can have some control over their treatment. The existing drugs work best in the early stages. This may slow damage to the brain.

Future drugs and treatment options. They may be able to prevent permanent damage to the brain as Alzheimer's advances.As you can see, the sufferer can greatly improve their quality of life with this early knowledge. Through early testing for Alzheimer's disease and treatment, they could have a better quality of life for longer. They can be there for their loved ones longer. They can possibly delay or eliminate the need for a nursing home. The duration of the burden to care givers may be eased.