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Someone not familiar with Obsessive Compulsive Memory Hack Disorder might suggest that conquering Dermatillomania is a matter of willpower. Willpower, however, cannot overcome a compulsion which often happens before the sufferer is even aware of it, without any forethought of the action. People affected by Dermatillomania are therefore left to hope for other methods of treatment. An important concern that most parents seem to have regarding their children's behaviour is whether they show them respect or disrespect. This is of even greater concern for parents with children diagnosed with AD-HD.

Some parents demand respect and force children into complying with their wishes by making use of threats, punishment, intimidation, and the promise of rewards for compliance. Even in this 21st century more laisser-faire approach to discipline, many adults still wield their power in various ways to force children to respect their authority. This forceful technique is mostly successful with 'good' children, and has lead to an unhealthy expectation, with any child deviating from this success methodology being labeled a deviant, such as children diagnosed with AD-HD.

From autocratic and dictatorial parents of by-gone days, some continue the power and control of authority syndrome, losing sight of the more important goal of respecting relationships and respecting each other as individuals. We've taught children so well about the value of power, control and being overly self-confident, that they want it for themselves, contributing to greater power-struggles with their parents than previously.